Firmengründer Herr Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fest

Founder Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fest

1972 resume Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fest the electrical company Elektro-Strunz. In this time was the main focus on the electrical installation in the steel industry. The company was growing from this time continuously.

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Kämmerer joined as second Manager and the subsidiary company Dr. Ecklebe GmbH was founded in 1990. In the following years the technical office Berlin and the branch office Vienna were founded.

2001 the Schmidt Kranz & Co GmbH bought the Company from the Berliner Electro Holding and changed company structure to FEST AG. 75% of shares were owend by Schmidt Kranz & Co GmbH. 25% were for employees, CEO and supervisory board. 2017 the company changed from FEST AG to FEST GmbH. Today Mr. Matthias Authenrieth (CEO) and Mr. Robert Lambertz (CSO) are in the management of the FEST GmbH.

1948 Establishment of the company Elektro-Strunz in Oker/ Goslar
1972 Company was resum from Mr. FEST and changing to FEST Elektrotechnik
1986 Company is changed to FEST GmbH
1989 Building of the new Workshop in Goslar
1991 New building for the Engineering department, Lounching the technical office in Berlin
1995 Berliner Elektro Holding gets unique shareholder
1997 Launching of the Branch Office Vienna
2001 Schmidt, Kranz & Co GmbH takes over the shares of AdCapital AG (former BEH AG)
2007 Founding of the OOOFest in Lipezk, Russia
2011 Founding of the Fest Automation & Drives, Beijing, China
2013 Founding of the Technical Office West, Marienheide, Germany by acquisition of the Dietrich+Knappe Automation GmbH
2013 Integration of "IPS-FEST GmbH" into the FEST-group
2016 Acquisition of RGB Power Systems (formerly Heythekker) by the IPS - FEST GmbH
2016 Takeover of BTEC software, Bergisch Gladbach to expand the IT portfolio
2019 Change of Name Technical Office West in FEST Technology GmbH, located in Bergisch Gladbach
2019 Centralization IPS-FEST GmbH in Sinzig
2019 Joint Venture with FEST-CONSULTA in Mumbai, India
2019 Opening branch office of OOO FEST in Chelyabinsk (ural region)