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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) is not just a buzzword or sales slogan for FEST. We have developed a concept that already makes Industry 4.0 usable in almost every company.

We do not intervene in existing production and business processes, but read the process data from various sources. We use a swarm of SCOUTs that are interconnected to create an independent Industry 4.0 network. The SCOUT is interface, IoT gateway and evaluation logic in one. The applications can also run on very small systems (e.g., Raspberry Pi) and are extensible without modification in any form. Due to the distributed Industry 4.0 components, an expansion of the system can take place gradually and thus very cost-effectively.

Due to the large number of interfaces, a programming effort on the existing systems is avoided as much as possible, and hardware usually does not need to be replaced.

We are happy to demonstrate the concept and performance of FEST Industry 4.0 to small sample applications directly in your company. Or you visit our Industry 4.0 Workshop - either at the FEST locations or we will come directly to your company.